Final Blog Post

Last blog post of the semester!!!!

Over the weekend I found some new resources that will be great for my story. I pulled out all the information that will fit into my story. All that I need to do now is go on Pinterest and search for all the information I have gathered and put it in the correct board. Yay! Everything is coming together and I’m on track to be ready to give my presentation next week.

I can now officially say I have experience with WordPress. This class has been a great way to learn how to maintain a blog. This new skill that will be beneficial in the workplace. Thank you professor Gardner!!!

Remix A Story Work Day

I am having a difficult time finding good sources for my project. I found a few from the mount vernon website but they haven’t been too helpful. There is a lot information out there but I will have to look more in depth in databases or the library for more reliable sources.

It is important I have enough information to display the goal of my project and my presentation is slowly approaching. I need to have my research and resources all figured out by the middle of next week so I can begin adding all the information to the boards.

Remix A Story Peer Review Feedback & Revision Plan

  • What were the strengths of my draft that I should be sure to keep?

Organization of the Pinterest account.

  • What design choices were problematic and how can I revise these?

Since I am using Pinterest everything is organized a clean, neat fashion. Combining different boards by moving the the pins from one board to the other. This can be done by using the “move board” button and then the pins from one board are transferred to the other.

  • What rhetorical choices seemed out of place in my draft and how can I better attend to my audience, purpose, context, and genre?

Some of the boards, such as music and invitations seem like they will be difficult to find content. They will be more focused on modern time elements and what is included during Christmas dinner.

  • What multimodal elements can I add or revise to strengthen the rhetorical effect and credibility of my project?

I am providing links with the pictures so the audience knows where the information came from. To enhance credibility I am getting most of my information from external sources such as, the library or databases.

  • What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise?

Adding enough content to all the boards for the audience to have their own Christmas dinner.

  • What can I reasonably revise before the next due date? What else would need revision that I don’t have time to complete, but should?

Finding more content for all the boards. Research in depth everything that took place at George Washington Christmas dinner at Mount Vernon so every detail is represented.

Remix A Story Planning A Rough Cut

I did a blog post Friday on how I plan on documenting my project. And now that everything is set up I will be focusing on researching my sources for information and finding pins to add to my boards. By Wednesday I will have a preview of how my project will look and from the response of my classmates I will add or change pieces of my story.

Remix A Story Documentation

Since I am using Pinterest as my platform, the documentation is already there. Click on the link where the pin originated from and you are taken to the homepage of a website. All pins link to some sort of website, but it is still necessary to make sure it is a working site by going to the site and seeing where the content originally came from.

Pinterest is used for daily inspiration based on your likes, although some content is linked back to credible sources much of the information comes from a variety of places. People tend not to use Pinterest as their main source of news but it is still important that people know where the information comes from. I will provide MLA format to my sources by including the website, title of article and their name, if given.

Remix A Story Mock-Up/Storyboard

I am using Pinterest for my project so I have already set up an account specifically for this project. After making a Pinterest account you have an organized layout and create boards that relate to topics, all my content will go directly into a board that it relates to. This will be the ideal place for a family to go and see what it would be like to have a Mount Vernon Christmas dinner by taking all or pieces of the information and recreating it to fit their Christmas traditions. I’m in the process now of finding pins that relate to the boards.

I have attached a photo below of the account: Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.40.34 AM

Remix A Story Timeline

Mock-up or Storyboard- 4/15

I have created a Pinterest account. I created boards (no content yet), name of the account and followed general boards to help me along. I still want to add a profile picture for the account.

Further Research- 4/14-4/28 

My next step is using the resources I have gathered to research the history of Mount Vernon and the Christmas dinner that was put on my the Washington for their family and friends. In order to fully portray a modern Mount Vernon Christmas dinner I need to cover all the details, from invitation design to attire and everything in between.

Assest List- 4/17

I have three main resources I will use to complete this project. I will use the assest list questions to insure my resources are credible and useful to my story. Also, I will pull out necessary information that will fit within the content of my boards.

Rough Draft-4/22

My rough draft will be an example of how my story will look, so I can receive any feedback from my classmates that might help in any changes.

Revising- 4/24

I will take any feedback into account and begin to edit my project and revise any look it over to see if I have followed the requirements.

Project Due- 5/6

After I complete my project, families will be able to throw their own Mount Vernon Christmas dinner. 

What I did:

Since class I created a Pinterest account for my story. I created boards and followed other boards that are related to the content I will be pinning. I created a timeline to stay organized on time with my project.

Why I did it:

I created boards that are appropriate to the content I will be discussing. Pinterest is made to organize your interests by topic so you know exactly where your collections are located. The timeline will help me stay on track with due dates.

Remix A Story: Outline Pitch

  • Tell us the story you have chosen- George Washington: Christmas at Mount Vernon

  • Explain what portion of the story, if relevant– Party planning side of Christmas party

  • Identify what genre you want to use for the project- Make Pinterest account, create boards with pins based on what would be needed for Christmas party; recipes, activities, list of attendees, etc. How to put on a George Washington Christmas at your house.

  • Give us the bibliographic citations and/or links to at least three sources that you will use as you work on your project. You can use any bibliographic format you like, but be sure there’s enough information for me to confirm the sources. 

  1. Christmas at Mount Vernon:
  2. Founding Fathers Library Consortium Catalog:

  3. Recollections and private memoirs of Washington:

Brainstorming Remix A Story

  1. What makes a good remix:
    Based on the assignment and the examples, list some characteristics that make for strong projects. Focus on how the story is rethought, or remixed.

  • appropriate platform

  • details/features from the story

  • making words come to life

  • relatable to today’s times

    What makes a good digital story:

    Look at the 12 examples and talk about which one you felt did the best job of digitizing an existing story. Support your opinion with some details from the examples and/or some comparisons to other examples.
    Focus on the technology behind the story.

“What Happened to Little Red Riding Hood”? was definitely my favorite for Remix A Story project. Both the stories I was considering are based on this project: TV show, Pretty Little Liars and a Disney movie. I thought it was really cool how they used Pretty Little Liars and twisted it to seem like a mystery Disney movie. The design and story flowed very well together. I thought Prezi was an appropriate platform to use to explain the story.

Stories I am considering:

Brainstorm a list of 3 to 5 stories you might focus on, and say a little bit about why you are considering them. If you feel that you already know exactly what you want to focus on, you can talk about your choice. (My goal here is to help you start focusing on your project’s topic).

  1. Pretty Little Liars

  2. Disney movie

  3. The Bachelor

  4. American Idol

  5. Hallmark movie

ThingLink Presentation

Thinglink caught my attention because I love using Pinterest and it’s functions are similar. I really thought it was cool that you could annotate the picture to give more information about who or what is captured. I could see this site becoming popular in the future. I plan on using the free method to explore more about it and see how I like it.