About Me

I am a transfer junior Public Relations major at Virginia Tech. This blog is for my Writing and Digital class. As a blog newbie, throughout this semester I hope to learn more about blogging about my blog posts and projects. I always came across peoples’ blogs and thought how I would love to start one, but never did. After this class is over I hope I will continue to stick with blogging and create my own personal blog. As I began typing this, I feel my mind exploring and my fingers can’t stop typing. I like this blog thing.

I am on track to pursue a career in PR – I am seeking an internship as I speak, I need to gain an internship to help me explore where I want to go with my PR degree. College is also providing with tools to help guide me, like my mother always said, “you can go anywhere with a college degree” so I try to step down and remember planning isn’t always the key to a successful life. It’s difficult to imagine that where I want to be and where I will actually end up are different.

I am a pretty simple individual – the little things capture my interest. I love going out and exploring somewhere new. My family is everything to me, I live for coffee, I go through a stack of sticky notes in a month, stripes are a thing of mine and I love dogs. I love to talk; I love chatting with interesting, quirky people because I myself am not. I am quite the futurist, I am always thinking of what will be; living in the moment isn’t always easy for me, although I still make the best of what’s happening at the time. I am continuously inspired through Pinterest, I am a hopeless romantic, my friends want to enroll me as an actress for a Hallmark movie. I’m definitely a go-getter if there’s something I want, I will make it happen.

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