My Furry Family

Here are some pictures of my dogs over the years. I also have a few pictures of friends’ dogs and my dad’s labs. I love dogs, they’re dependable and a great addition to my small family. I grew up with dogs in my home. My stepdad brought home my first dog when I was just a little girl, his name was Bear– I would push him around in my babydoll stroller when he was a puppy. A few years after having Bear, we got a golden retriever named Autumn. We laid them down just a few years ago, they lived a good, long life but I miss them terribly. We have some friends in West Virginia and they breed dogs, the three dogs I have now are all from them. I have two dachshunds, Molly and Cinnamon and a toy Australian shepherd, Izzy. We’ve had Molly and Cinnamon since I was in elementary school and we just got Izzy two years ago. I love my little furry family!

IMG_0770 IMG_6113 IMG_5632 IMG_5620 IMG_5325 IMG_4901 IMG_4884 IMG_4523 IMG_4244 IMG_4202 IMG_2777 IMG_7997 IMG_8702 IMG_1223 IMG_2078 IMG_2175 IMG_2513 IMG_6986 IMG_5420 IMG_5072 IMG_4617 IMG_4541 IMG_3704 IMG_3663 IMG_3464 IMG_3458 IMG_3010 IMG_2976 IMG_2919 IMG_2515 IMG_1964


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